To our best and loyal fans: Our new album has arrived.

2014-09-01 16:19:59 by Final-Round

Over the years we've been in awe of how much the Newgrounds community has spread our music around. I was just reminded last week that one of my good friends in a fellow band had heard of my music on Newgrounds before he even met me and was a fan. Even funnier was the time that my ex-girlfriend Erica was talking to a guy and he happened to mention how much he liked our band. Once she mentioned that she not only knew about the band, but most of the songs were written about her, the guy didn't pursue her much further. These fun moments and so much more are all because of the Newgrounds community.

Anyway, here are links to the new album:

But obviously we wouldn't have had this success if we didn't give you songs for free to use in your media projects. Over the next few days I'll upload the first of 3 songs from the album for you guys to use. I've got some ideas of which songs I'd choose but I'm not really sure. If you go to the bandcamp site you can preview the whole album, and if there are songs you'd like specifically please let me know! That would really help me out.

And lastly, if you use our songs in your projects please let us know! We'll definitely post it to our band's Facebook page! (

Thanks, the new music will be uploaded soon!

Final Round


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2014-09-02 20:20:08

Good to see you making music again chaps. Currently listening to the new album on Bandcamp...still got it!

Final-Round responds:

Thanks a lot! Any song in particular you'd like us to upload here? - Matt