Thanks for the iTunes reviews!

2013-03-12 17:16:23 by Final-Round

I just checked out the Final Round iTunes page for our "None of Us Will Ever Leave a Legacy" and I've got to give a big hearty thanks for those of you who have given us the 5-star reviews. You guys at Newgrounds were our first fans and we greatly appreciate the support you've given us for.... 10 YEARS?!? Holy crap. It's been that long, hasn't it! Anyway, sorry about the hiatus. Have we recorded anything professional-quality lately? No. Have we been writing songs? Heck yes we have. We actually have enough new songs for an entire album.

And when we get some stuff recorded, you better believe it will be on Newgrounds free to download.

It will also be for sale on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc., you name it, but as our original crew you get benefits.

Thanks again!
Matt from Final Round

Also, the previous post has links to all our social networking and music purchase/download sites. Check it out if you haven't!


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2013-03-12 18:12:16

And here's a little something extra: one of our new songs sung by me at a party (with Dan singing drunkenly in the background while holding the camera). There's actually a shout out to you guys in the lyrics with, "he's got fans that throw him g-strings / I've got fans since 2003." Thats you guys!

- Matt


2013-07-28 09:05:41

Awesome! Still enjoy your music now. Looking forward to the new stuff and love the new song.

Final-Round responds:

Great news! The new album is here!